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I attribute my obsession with Disney and way too young TLC Wedding show binge-watching for my love of telling your epic love stories through the details of a wedding day. In fact, My Favorite Wedding on TLC is what sparked this love for planning in the first place. Little 12 year old Kirsten thought - that could be me right? Well, my Mom always said to ‘dream big’ so when I got married at 19 and moved to Arkansas, I launched this business in the middle of 2020.

50+ weddings later, here I am - traveling the states still dreaming big and executing wedding days on a scale my little 12 year old heart could never dream of.

I find the love in the details. Truly, I know, every wedding planner will tell you this but I live by this philosophy. I notice the moments that make you go ahh and the textures of napkins that make you go ahh-bsolutely not. If watching Disney princess movies on repeat has taught me anything it’s that love stories are told in the moments you never noticed the first time.

An avid Disney lover, romance fantasy novel reader and natural storyteller

I value creativity, hand-in-hand guidance, passion for the small details, and a love of love.

excitement for every step of the planning process. love to comfort shop around anthropologie and local boutiques. enjoy good conversation and even better cocktails. color doesn't scare you because it creates space for creativity

fun facts

I have 8 tattoos all book and Disney related

An espresso martini is acceptable in any environment

I'm a military brat turned military wife

Travel is necessary and I take at least 2 trips to a new place every year

I've Been to Disney every year of my life (except 2020 of course)

Love your wedding vendors as people not just as businesses. Let’s chat details and all your nitty-gritty dreams to truly create a wedding planning experience.

The biggest slice of advice I have for every couple

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