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White Pine Designs is a bespoke wedding planning company that breathes life into luxury weddings.

Wedding planning is equivalent to paying your taxes – you can figure out how to do it yourself, but why should you when experts exist?

Take a moment. Imagine a wedding planning process that didn't make you want to run away and elope (although if you want to... White Pine Designs can help with that too).

With experiences curated exclusively for each individual couple to calmly guide you to the wedding day of your dreams.

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White Pine Designs handles the stress of the what, when, where, and how, so you can focus on the who and the why.

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As an avid lover of Disney and romance fantasy novels - I believe the magic is in the details, the greatest love stories are cultivated through small moments and true happiness in wedding planning comes from letting go). My goal is to help you breathe deep knowing that you’ve got a wildly creative and passionate storyteller in your backpocket guiding you through this insane world of weddings.

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The wedding planning bestie you never knew you needed.

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Wherever you find yourself, you deserve to enjoy your wedding planning experience.

With packages uniquely curated to fit your needs, White Pine Designs is a one stop shop to end all that pent-up anxiety surrounding your wedding day. Whether you’re a couple that says "I have the ring and nothing else" to "I have my venue, photographer and a Pinterest

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Board" - there’s a sigh of relief waiting for you in one of these experiences. Let’s explore together how WPD can make your wedding a true breath of fresh air.

Needing a spark of inspiration?
          These couples will leave you breathless.

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Shauna & Isaac

"Having Kirsten as my wedding planner was the best thing I’ve done! We were planning a destination wedding and had so much anxiety and worries not being able to be there to plan or know what was best. Kirsten gave us all of her preferred vendors (WHICH WERE ALL AMAZING) and answered all of our questions. She made me feel so much better about the whole planning process even when I was halfway across the country!

I could not have dreamed of a better day. I was able to relax throughout the day and she took care of everything. I want to relive it over and over again."

"I let Kirsten take on the whole creative and design process and EVERYTHING LOOKED AMAZING."

Carli & Ethan

"Kirsten is the best coordinator you could ever have! She is professional, responds quickly, and handles all problems with grace.

Because of her hard work, we were able to be present and truly enjoy our day. If I could go back, I would 100% hire White Pine Designs again."

"She kept me sane throughout the planning process and went above & beyond to make our wedding run smoothly."

Maddie & Connor

"It’s hard to put in a few words how thankful I am that I stumbled upon Kirsten and White Pine Coordination. She was an absolute joy to work with, and handled every hurdle with such grace so that we were able to enjoy our day stress-free!

We are SO grateful. I cannot recommend her enough!"

"Kirsten made the planning process so fun and easy. She's wonderful at her job and just a wonderful human being."